The Age Brilliantly™ Mission:

Welcome to Age Brilliantly™.

We’re a community platform for mature adults who engage with peers, service/product providers and industry experts for information, inspiration and support in order to live more fulfilling lives to 100+. Through our online portal and live events, we provide members with better aging outcomes and providers with targeted marketing solutions.

As you know, people are living longer with greater wealth and health than ever. Today, 60 million Americans are 60+ years old, with the number growing to 22+% of the American population by 2050. The fastest growth sector is people over 85 years of age.

What is the gift of “elongated life”?  For today’s adults, who grew up expecting to retire from work at 65 and enjoy a few “golden years of leisure”, they have 20-30 years extra years to do what they want. They can reject the stereotypes of ageism and build on the 4 building blocks – health, wealth, relationships and purpose – to have fulfilling lives*. For Millennials and GenZ, who resist such stereotypes, they can forge “100 life-plans” in which they can have multiple educations, careers, relationships, experiences and purposes throughout their lives.

Your challenge is to use time well and “Age Brilliantly”. Use the information and support to make holistic aging decisions concerning the use of products and services that will help facilitate you to lead a fulfilling life. Learn about the issues that matter; share your experiences and insights to help others; make informed decisions about service/products options from our trusted advisors, providers and experts.  Take Charge and Live Better!

* See our e-book on the 4 Building Blocks to Age Brilliantly!

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