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Norma Howard, 91, Wing Walks Across a Plane

Norma Howard, 91, is raising money for a Dementia Charity by wing-walking. “ In a Travel + Leisure article, “Howard is a retired physiotherapist and former pilot who is no stranger to death-defying stunts. At the age of 80, she swam the equivalent of the length of the English channel doing laps in a pool. […]

Charles Eugster: Champion At 97

Charles Eugster: Champion At 97

He was a body-builder, a sprinter, a public speaker, a writer, a rower, a wakeboarder, an entrepreneur, and a budding fashion designer, planning his own line in elderly couture. “Retirement is one of the worst things that you can do to yourself,” Charles Eugster, 97, told TODAY from his home in Zurich, Switzerland. His Motivation? “I […]

80-Year-Old Basketball Team Defies Aging

80-Year-Old Basketball Team Defies Aging

The women of the San Diego Splash basketball team are featured in a new ESPNW video special. But what’s so special about this basketball team? For starters, this team includes athletes only age 80 and above. Two members of the squad are actually over 90. “If you can stand up and move your legs, you’re […]

Crossing Off Your Bucket List Doesn’t Stop at 100

Crossing Off Your Bucket List Doesn’t Stop at 100

“I’m too old for that” is not an excuse. At least it’s not for Al Blaschke, from Texas, and Glenn Quillin from Illinois, both whom skydived on their 100th birthday. These age defying centenarians are proof that age is not a limitation-the only limitation that is holding you back is yourself. So, why are these […]

Flex Your Creative Muscles In Retirement Arts Colonies

Flex Your Creative Muscles In Retirement Arts Colonies

Some famous writers, painters and musicians have done some of their best work in their later years — impressionist Claude Monet, for one. But at the North Hollywood Senior Arts Colony, older people are proving that you don’t have to be famous — or even a professional artist — to live a creatively fulfilling life […]

Thoughts on Aging from Literature’s Greatest Minds

We may not know what lies ahead, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from the lives of others. In this moving TED talk, Joshua Prager compiles a collection of one hundred authors’ views on one hundred different ages, enlightening us all in the process. Aging is a complicated journey, but in seeing through the eyes […]

Late Night Legend Optimistic About Future

  After 33 years on Late Night television, you may be wondering what David Letterman is up to in retirement. It was a somber goodbye over a year ago when he announced his decision to move on from television, and many – including himself – wondered if the next stage of his life would be […]

Hero of the Week: Martin Greenfield

Martin Greenfield, 88, is one of the most prominent tailors in the world, having now made suits for four United States Presidents. After slimly surviving the Holocaust and moving to America with nothing, he created this remarkable business, and shares some of his lessons learned here: As he puts it, he has “some great people […]

Grandmother Earns Degree for 100th Birthday

During her lifetime, 99-year-old College of the Canyons graduate Doreethea Daniels has lived through the Great Depression, World War II, the Civil Rights movement, the moon landing, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and now the digital information age. But with all the drama the past has offered, Daniels had yet to be presented with […]

Great Grandmother, 89, Earns Bachelor’s Degree

Great Grandmother, 89, Earns Bachelor’s Degree

There’s always time to go back and get a degree. One great-grandmother took that mantra to heart when she received her bachelor’s degree at the age of 89. Betty Reilly never finished high school, but at the age of 78 decided it finally time to get it done. Living with her husband in Sunrise, Florida, […]

Ranger Embarks on New Career at 85

“Life keeps opening up… and as long as that’s true, then I’m going to keep on living it.” Wise words from 92-year-old Betty Reid Soskin, who’s been enjoying her current position as a Park Ranger for the past seven years. The descendent of parents and grandparents who lived past 100, she knew she still had plenty […]

Grandfather Returns to School, Fulfills Childhood Dream

Durga Kami, 68, has been unable to fulfill his life-long dream of getting educated – until now. As part of the Dalit class in Nepal’s caste system, he and the vast majority of his contemporaries were neglected by their educational institutions. However, Mr. Kami’s pursuit of knowledge is still alive and well, landing him in a classroom […]

92-Year-Old Honors Late Wife with Thriving Business

Years after retirement, and soon after the death of his wife, Earl Fultz has turned her spice recipe into a thriving business. Before succumbing to emphysema, Gloria worried that her husband would struggle to find meaning after she was gone. The two had an everlasting bond, and Earl still chokes up at the thought of […]

Winifred Pristell: The Powerlifting Grandmother

What limits are you setting for yourself in retirement? Well, a quick look at Winifred Pristell’s workout routine will break down those barriers. At the age of 70, she has broken the American records for bench press and dead lift, and has been all smiles in the process. Intimidated? You don’t have to be a […]

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