Embrace Your Age: You Can Do Anything

Embrace Your Age: You Can Do Anything

It’s no secret that our culture is youth-obsessed. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try, no one is able to stay young forever. This leaves us with a big dilemma: if our culture values youth and young beauty over experience and age, how can we remain relevant and empowered as we get older?

Fortunately, the solution is simple: you have to change your mindset. Shift your thinking to embrace the benefits of aging, and use that new mindset to stay active in the most important ways.

But how do you change your mindset to embrace your age? These tips can help:

  • Let Go of Old-Age Notions – Aging adults face a lot of stereotypes, and it’s easy to let those stereotypes define you as you get older. However, your aging process is just that, your aging process. You can do whatever you want as you age. For example, just because the retirement stereotype is sitting in a rocking chair doesn’t mean you can’t travel the world or start a new side business.
  • Your Only as Old as You Feel – This age-old adage is actually true, and the research confirms it. Studies have shown that most people identify with how old they feel as opposed to their actual ages. Similar research has also proven that feeling younger can help reduce the physical signs of aging like dementia and depression. In order to feel younger, stop thinking about what’s wrong with your body and focus on what’s right. Ask yourself: “What’s good in my life? What do I love about my age?” Taking pride in your appearance also helps, whether this means dying your grays or rocking the salt and pepper look. If this concept is interesting to you, you can read more in Noelle Nelson’s book Happy Healthy…Dead: Why What You Think You Know About Aging Is Wrong and How To Get It Right.
  • Get Inspired – Luckily, there are tons of cultural icons and celebrities that can inspire you to embrace your age. Diane Keaton, Lily Tomlin, Candice Bergen and other amazing actresses embrace their “older” look with incredible success, while men like Morgan Freeman and Robert DeNiro are starring in movies that showcase and celebrate their age rather than degrade it by portraying them as grumpy old men.
  • Have Friends of Different Ages – Younger friends can help you try new thing or challenge your beliefs to incite critical thinking. Friends your age, or even older, can not only empathize with your situation but can also serve as role models. That’s why its important to have friends that are younger than you, and friends that are the same age or older. Don’t have any younger friends? Sign up for a volunteer program like Mentor USA.
  • Stay Passionate – Whether you love reading, playing the cello, swimming, gardening or anything in between, keep doing it. The more time you spend on things your passionate about, the younger and more fulfilled you’ll feel. Don’t focus on the passing time; focus on how you spend your time. You can even combine finding friends with your hobbies by checking out meet-up website and forums like meetup.com

Embrace your age using these tips, and you’re sure to feel more relevant and empowered no matter how much culture focuses on youth.

How are you planning on embracing your age? Tell us in the comment section. Keep checking back for more helpful articles.

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