Is it okay to date a divorced woman with a child? I met her online. Advice pleas

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    I’m currently dating a girl from Kiev with a 3 year old son. We met through A Foreign Affair’s website. She already married someone back then and when their relationship turned sour, they divorced. Honestly, I respect the fact that she is a divorcee. The experience has made her more mature which is one trait I appreciate in a woman.

    However, the best quality I like in her is her naturally caring attitude. Maybe it’s her instinct as a mom that makes her nurturing. All I can say is that she really has a good character. But, her being a mom is also giving me a bit of a worry. I don’t have a problem with her having a child. My worry is that I might not be a good fit for the little boy. I care about him too because I really like his mom. Am I wrong for worrying too much about him?

    Some of my friends are telling me to call things off but some of my other friends are telling me that it’s okay to date her. I don’t know which side should I be listening to. They both give me good points and reasons which makes making a decision more difficult. Is it a good thing to listen to the advice of friends? Should I just open up to my girlfriend about this concern? Any advice on my situation?



    Hi there, I know how are you feeling right now. I have seen my brother going from same phase I am in relationship from last 2 years. You should not overthink about the fact that she is a divorcee and stay away from stress and negativity. While discussing with my friend, he suggested me to visit love psychic reader voyance pure from Martine-voyance who can provide suggestions to move forward happy in a relationship. If you feel any doubt regarding your relationship you can also seek the advice from them and find a way to make your relation successful.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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