What are the signs that she's into me? Online Dating. I need advice!!!

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    I met this girl through a foreign affair a few months ago and we’ve been communicating ever since. She’s fun to talk to. A very witty, gorgeous girl, and an amazing character. When I’m talking to her, I feel like someone is actually listening. She would be a great companion, I can already feel it. I know I like her but I’m still waiting for the right time to tell her.

    My worries about telling her is because I’m not sure if she’s into me or not. I’m not saying she’s acting cold or distant. I don’t know how to interpret those signs. What if she’s just being the nice person that she is? What if she’s just naturally affectionate? I don’t know how to differentiate her friendliness from romantic affection.

    I need someone’s advice on how I would know that she’s into me like that. What are the real signs that she’s into me? It’s harder since we communicate online. How does it work when you’re away from each other? I really like this girl and I want to tell her that I want to be in an exclusive relationship with her soon, but only if she’s interested in me too. Please give me advice. Thank you.

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