The Village Movement: Redefining Aging in Place

The Village Movement: Redefining Aging in Place

If you’ve read any of our previous articles on the aging crisis, you already know that we’re about to have a huge influx of seniors that need care. How huge? 1 in every 50 of the 78 million baby boomers will live to be 100. With numbers like that, quality of life and availability of care is a massive concern.

Before you panic, there is a potential solution: the Village Movement.


The Village Movement is an innovative grassroots organization that seeks to help seniors through community dwelling. In other words, instead of seniors leaving their homes for expensive or hard to find assisted living, they move into a resident community of people ages 50 and older and form a non-profit membership organization to help give one another access to support services

These “villages” run the gamut from a few blocks in a city or a suburb to a rural area sprawling across 20 miles. Each one is autonomous, and has the ability to provide the services its members need and want like:

  • Transportation
  • Home-safety modifications
  • Meal delivery
  • Dog walking
  • Wellness and health programs
  • Social activities
  • Technology training and support
  • Visiting nurse and care manager services

Most villages also have administrators that can help connect members with services, coordinate programs, and perform general managerial tasks.

Check Them Out

This movement is spreading, with at least 89 villages in 36 states and 125 more in development. Villages and village support programs are popping up all over. Some big ones are:

  • Beacon Hill – the Beacon Hill village was the very first one. They offer a range of discounted services for household management, health, activity, transportation and more.
  • Village-To-Village – The Village to Village (VTV) network is a one-stop-shop for everything village. This organization helps connect villages to share best-practice advice and support, and shares information about creating new villages. They also offer a national directory and map of current and planned villages for those interested in becoming a part of one of these communities. Visit their map page to see if there’s a village near you.
  • Helpful Village – Helpful Village is a similar organization that seeks to spread the word about the village movement and help people create their own communities. They serve villages nationwide, and have a great blog that gives plenty of village information.

Not Just For the Elderly

The Village Movement isn’t just helping the elderly. This movement also is a big relief for family members and caregivers that are over-worked, spread thin, and stressed out. Seeing your aging loved one cared for and in a safe community can go a long way to assuaging your concerns about care. Villages can help replace expensive at-home care mangers and assisted living facilities, helping families save money too. Many children are enrolling their aging parents in villages to both help their parents and themselves. And why not? Villages seem to be a win-win.

Would you consider a village for your aging loved ones? What about yourself, as the years pass on? Tell us why or why not in the comment section. Don’t forget to check back for more articles soon.

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